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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hara Kiri Manga/Comic

Ladies and Gentlemen, it my proud duty to announce to you that a second manga/comic is going into production next year (early 2007): HARA KIRI (tentative title). Scripted by myself and illustrated by the fantastic "Z Fura" (more on him later).

A manga set in a future, alternate reality Japan (Greater Nippon) where the Shogun and the Emperor rule two separate, yet friendly, states (similar to two Koreas). The heroine is Hara Kiri, a young bounty hunter, whose job it is to track the criminal elements of New Edo.

A combo of samurai chambara (sword play) and high-tech. No release date is set yet.

For those of you wondering what happened to ZIPPER... I wish I could say more. It seems to be in a limbo state. Frankly, I feel I am going to have to make some very hard decisions about it. I AM NOT cancelling this project!!! NO NO NO NO. I will not allow this to happen. Zipper is something I have spent the good part of more than a year on now, including writing the script and coaching the illustrator. So, I *REFUSE* to give up on it.


Blogger EDgAr H. said...

The plot sounds awesome! :) Very cyberpunk.. Humm.. Cyberpunk!!

12:00 PM

Blogger ゲッソー said...

Nice art,good luck on your project. :)

6:29 PM


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