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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Auditioning Serious Illustrator for Manga/Comic (pls read below)

I am currently seeking an illustrator to work on a comic/manga project that my current illustrator has to take leave from. Am not looking for artists to copy the current work, but rather, take the (finished) script, and the current designs/work, and begin fresh, giving the manga a new life. Interested parties should contact me via site mail. I will ask for samples of ORIGINAL artwork (no fan fic work please) and give a contact address. I am open to questions, and I will be fully open about the project. Strong English language skills a must, though applicants need not be native speakers. Thanks so much for your time and interest. Happy holidays to those of you who celebrate them. Made in DNA

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hara Kiri Manga/Comic

Ladies and Gentlemen, it my proud duty to announce to you that a second manga/comic is going into production next year (early 2007): HARA KIRI (tentative title). Scripted by myself and illustrated by the fantastic "Z Fura" (more on him later).

A manga set in a future, alternate reality Japan (Greater Nippon) where the Shogun and the Emperor rule two separate, yet friendly, states (similar to two Koreas). The heroine is Hara Kiri, a young bounty hunter, whose job it is to track the criminal elements of New Edo.

A combo of samurai chambara (sword play) and high-tech. No release date is set yet.

For those of you wondering what happened to ZIPPER... I wish I could say more. It seems to be in a limbo state. Frankly, I feel I am going to have to make some very hard decisions about it. I AM NOT cancelling this project!!! NO NO NO NO. I will not allow this to happen. Zipper is something I have spent the good part of more than a year on now, including writing the script and coaching the illustrator. So, I *REFUSE* to give up on it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hara Kiri (Alternate 02) Dressed for Success

Rendition of the heroine of my upcoming novel HARA KIRI by the fantastic Colombian artist zfura