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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Many Apologies

Many apologies to everyone who has been so patiently awaiting the comic. We have been working hard on it, but can only go so fast.

However long it takes, this project WILL be finished and published, along, hopefully with companion comics. Currently I am in negotiations with another artist about producing a second comic. Which of the two publishes first is not a problem as, for the most part, Zipper will not be a linear storyline.

One comic will equal one complete story. All the stories will be standalone. This keeps all options open for me as the creator of the comic, and gives a freer hand to illustrators.

In the meantime, I will post the background information on the world as promised.

Best regards,
Made in DNA

PS Many thanks to Edgar H for giving us a shout out. You've just won yourself a free copy of the comic when it's finally published! Congrats!


Blogger EDgAr H. said...

WOUHOU!!! I won!!! I'm the best!! I rule!!!...

:) Sorry 'bout that..

Hey, but seriously, thanx! That's awesome!!

1:03 PM


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