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Sunday, May 14, 2006

ZIPPER: Bounty Special Sneak Preview

The 15th of this month marks the deadline for the first Zipper comic to finished. ZIPPER: Bounty is due to be published this summer in the indies comic book anthology Bottle Rocket Magazine.

ja'il and I are both very excited! To celebrate, we have decided to publish (in part) the comic in this blog. We want all our loyal readers to be able to be able to slake their thirst for a manga we have been hyping on very little. For some visiting the site perhaps, it might seem that Zipper could very well be vapor-print (all hype and no show). We want everyone to know, this is not the case. We are ready to blow your socks off!

Since the comic itself is only a six-page work in total (remember, this is just a short project, not the full Zipper manga due out for the PSP, which is much longer, it is likely we will only print one page. Can't give too much away.

Also, purchasing information will also be available. I believe it is being printed in the U.S. so international shipping rates may apply to those of you overseas. More on that later though.

Thanks again, to everyone for their support! As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.


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