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Monday, May 22, 2006

PSP-native Comics

In email the other week, a new acquaintance inquired if I had coined the term "PSP-native" after I had used it in mail with him. I was a little shocked as I didn't really know the answer. I sat and thought about it awhile (the complete week or so since being asked actually), and wasn't sure if I had picked up the term somewhere, or if I had just started using it. In the mail I sent to the acquaintance originally, I was trying simply trying to explain to him what Zipper the comic was, and "PSP-native (comic)" was the term I used.

He started me thinking; had I coined a new term out of necessity, or had I picked it up elsewhere? Surely if I had picked it up, it would have been from a limited number of sources, seeing as there is only three native projects out there to begin with (NYC2123, the Metal Gear Solid comic, and this one). So it is with no surprise to myself, that the NYC2123 blog comes to mind. I frequent it and, in fact, am a (very small) contributor to the project having supplied the kanji seen in issue two. But I can't seem to find any trace of the words. Perhaps Chad, writer/creator of NYC2123 -- whom I know lurks this blog when he's not scarfing natto -- can help me out.

So what exactly does "PSP-native comic" mean? Quite simply: comics that are specifically created for the PSP that are "PSP-native". That is, comics that measure 480 x 272 pixels (the native screen size of the PSP).

To me, as I think most people would agree, the term "PSP (digital) comic" is an over-term, that is, it describes all the various kinds of comics for the PSP; both those created specifically for the PSP and those created for other mediums first and then "resized" (or even not) to fit the PSP.

Most comics out there so far (what few of them there are) fit the resized category. Resized comics often lose quite a bit in the translation in my opinion. That is why Zipper is PSP-native. Resized comics are nice, but PSP-native comics help create (recreate?) the medium of comics in general. They shout-out to would be artists and comic writers, and offer enjoyment anytime, anyplace you take your PSP. There's real potential in this. It just needs to be tapped.

Just my two yen,
Made in DNA


Blogger Chad Allen said...

I think you coined the term, dude. We're not that clever -- we've always used the simple "First ever comic designed for the PSP!" Well, that's what we say when we're trying to make people think we're really cool. Otherwise I think we just say "PSP comic."

It's a good term. Also, if you shorten it to "PSP-native" then I have a very un-PC vision of pre-industrial indigenous people running around with PSPs...

7:08 AM

Blogger Made in DNA said...

Swoot! How r0x0r am I? HAHAHAHA! Well now you can say it's the first PSP-NATIVE comic. ;) Maybe I should trademark it like Sony did with "PSP Digital Comic", that way I can make people run around saying "PSP-NATIVE (TM) Comic". ;)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's actually a really fun thought, and considering some of the idiots running around with them, an apropo description.

2:33 AM


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