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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Moving Ahead: Of Stickers, Images and Wallpaper

Whoa! Things certainly are moving ahead from us here at the Zipper virtual "offices"; I received an offer today from a company that makes image-stickers for handheld devices and other products. They want to produce Zipper image-stickers! I'm very excited and optimistic about this. One step at a time though, nothing has been finalized, therefore I'm not going to give out names, but rest assured, there will be site cross promotion and links when the time is right. I think it's a great opportunity, as it will generate interest in Zipper for those who are interested in comics, and those who are just interested in a cool image-sticker for their handheld device. Win-win situation.

Also on the table, a cool image from ja'il, Zipper's designer and illustrator, of "Damitri", one of his older images that he wants to use as a prototype for the "bad guy" in the ZIPPER: Bounty (formerly known as THE SHORT PROJECT) for Bottle Rocket Magazine. So a little omake for everyone paying attention. Once this is finished, I am hoping to get ja'il to produce a few more PSP wallpaper images for everyone. Completely free of course!

More ZIPPER images at Flickr


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