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Monday, May 22, 2006

PSP-native Comics

In email the other week, a new acquaintance inquired if I had coined the term "PSP-native" after I had used it in mail with him. I was a little shocked as I didn't really know the answer. I sat and thought about it awhile (the complete week or so since being asked actually), and wasn't sure if I had picked up the term somewhere, or if I had just started using it. In the mail I sent to the acquaintance originally, I was trying simply trying to explain to him what Zipper the comic was, and "PSP-native (comic)" was the term I used.

He started me thinking; had I coined a new term out of necessity, or had I picked it up elsewhere? Surely if I had picked it up, it would have been from a limited number of sources, seeing as there is only three native projects out there to begin with (NYC2123, the Metal Gear Solid comic, and this one). So it is with no surprise to myself, that the NYC2123 blog comes to mind. I frequent it and, in fact, am a (very small) contributor to the project having supplied the kanji seen in issue two. But I can't seem to find any trace of the words. Perhaps Chad, writer/creator of NYC2123 -- whom I know lurks this blog when he's not scarfing natto -- can help me out.

So what exactly does "PSP-native comic" mean? Quite simply: comics that are specifically created for the PSP that are "PSP-native". That is, comics that measure 480 x 272 pixels (the native screen size of the PSP).

To me, as I think most people would agree, the term "PSP (digital) comic" is an over-term, that is, it describes all the various kinds of comics for the PSP; both those created specifically for the PSP and those created for other mediums first and then "resized" (or even not) to fit the PSP.

Most comics out there so far (what few of them there are) fit the resized category. Resized comics often lose quite a bit in the translation in my opinion. That is why Zipper is PSP-native. Resized comics are nice, but PSP-native comics help create (recreate?) the medium of comics in general. They shout-out to would be artists and comic writers, and offer enjoyment anytime, anyplace you take your PSP. There's real potential in this. It just needs to be tapped.

Just my two yen,
Made in DNA

Monday, May 15, 2006

Zipper: Bounty (Page 03) Sneak Peek

This is a special sneak peek at page three of a six-page manga that is to be printed this July in Bottle Rocket Magazine, an anthology of comics, prose and more. To read the whole thing, you will have to purchase the comic. (Info coming soon.)

This image is a low-res version, resized version of the one that will go to the printer. Note too the copyright and URL info, which will NOT appear in the printed version.

Check the image below it to see how the antagonist character "evolved".

Feel free to download this image and share it with your friends AS LONG AS IT STAYS COMPLETELY INTACT (as-is).

© 2006 Made in DNA & ja'il

Sunday, May 14, 2006

ZIPPER: Bounty Special Sneak Preview

The 15th of this month marks the deadline for the first Zipper comic to finished. ZIPPER: Bounty is due to be published this summer in the indies comic book anthology Bottle Rocket Magazine.

ja'il and I are both very excited! To celebrate, we have decided to publish (in part) the comic in this blog. We want all our loyal readers to be able to be able to slake their thirst for a manga we have been hyping on very little. For some visiting the site perhaps, it might seem that Zipper could very well be vapor-print (all hype and no show). We want everyone to know, this is not the case. We are ready to blow your socks off!

Since the comic itself is only a six-page work in total (remember, this is just a short project, not the full Zipper manga due out for the PSP, which is much longer, it is likely we will only print one page. Can't give too much away.

Also, purchasing information will also be available. I believe it is being printed in the U.S. so international shipping rates may apply to those of you overseas. More on that later though.

Thanks again, to everyone for their support! As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Moving Ahead: Of Stickers, Images and Wallpaper

Whoa! Things certainly are moving ahead from us here at the Zipper virtual "offices"; I received an offer today from a company that makes image-stickers for handheld devices and other products. They want to produce Zipper image-stickers! I'm very excited and optimistic about this. One step at a time though, nothing has been finalized, therefore I'm not going to give out names, but rest assured, there will be site cross promotion and links when the time is right. I think it's a great opportunity, as it will generate interest in Zipper for those who are interested in comics, and those who are just interested in a cool image-sticker for their handheld device. Win-win situation.

Also on the table, a cool image from ja'il, Zipper's designer and illustrator, of "Damitri", one of his older images that he wants to use as a prototype for the "bad guy" in the ZIPPER: Bounty (formerly known as THE SHORT PROJECT) for Bottle Rocket Magazine. So a little omake for everyone paying attention. Once this is finished, I am hoping to get ja'il to produce a few more PSP wallpaper images for everyone. Completely free of course!

More ZIPPER images at Flickr