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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Two Zipper Comics This Year!

Well, it's been a hell of a month, and it's turning into a hell of a year as it look like this year ZIPPER will see itself published TWICE!!! Once digitally, one in paper.

Bottle Rocket Magazine, an independently published comic/fiction anthology, has given the go ahead for a Zipper 6-page short story to be published in July! While not "full-length", it's is a complete, and completely original story; something in the realm of a full-on action quickie!

Currently known only as "THE SHORT PROJECT" (definitely need a better name...), neither ja'il nor I had planned on producing another Zipper comic this year, but when the opportunity rose to actually publish in paper form, we jumped! We are hoping this will open a lot of possibilities for both fans and us, as we really believe in the comic.

More details about where to purchase Bottle Rocket Magazine when the details become available. And as the copies will be directly available from the publisher himself, it is likely that it will be easier for everyone to put their hands on.