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Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy 2006!

Happy New Year everyone! 2006 is the year we plan to launch ZIPPER! Seems like spring is such a long way off, but before you realize it, launch day will be here, and the world'll be enjoying the comic (yes, we have THAT much confidence in it).

With all that firmly in mind, Jei el and I would like to personally thank you for sticking with this blog and the project until the time we can get it into your hot little hands. It's no small effort on the part of readers to stick with a project until full fruition, and we promise for those of you here, you will NOT be disappointed. We have been working hard on all aspects of this project. News doesn't seem to flow your way often, but everything in all due time.

That said, Jei el (remember to check his site regularly for superb non-Zipper work as well) has cooked up a beautiful color illustration of Zipper. We hope you will enjoy it! At 535 x 974 pixels, it's suitable for desktop wallpaper.


Anonymous ZephyrWest said...

Wow, that looks great man!

5:17 PM

Blogger Made in DNA said...

Thanks much for the compliment. I'm sure you'll enjoy the comic once you have it in your hot little hands. ;)

Best regards,
Made in DNA

7:42 PM


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