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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Zipper Manga Contest Winners!

Yes folks, that title does say winners, as in multiple persons. I had a really tough time deciding which was the best name. There were far too many.

So I have decided to go with a three winners, and a fourth "winner" of a Christmas winner! All four will get free copies of the Zipper manga upon its debut!

The Winners:
  • ZephyrWest for the name: "Zephyr"
  • PodThulhu for the A.I. robot type: "ARC MkII, (Autonomous Remote Consciousness, Mark II)" in reference to the Harvard computer which caught the first "bug".
  • haibl as a runner-up for the name: "Gromozeka"
  • elijah as the Christmas present winner!

Congratulations to you all!!!


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