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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Zipper Manga Contest Winners!

Yes folks, that title does say winners, as in multiple persons. I had a really tough time deciding which was the best name. There were far too many.

So I have decided to go with a three winners, and a fourth "winner" of a Christmas winner! All four will get free copies of the Zipper manga upon its debut!

The Winners:
  • ZephyrWest for the name: "Zephyr"
  • PodThulhu for the A.I. robot type: "ARC MkII, (Autonomous Remote Consciousness, Mark II)" in reference to the Harvard computer which caught the first "bug".
  • haibl as a runner-up for the name: "Gromozeka"
  • elijah as the Christmas present winner!

Congratulations to you all!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Contest Outcome?

I'm sure that many of you are eager to find out who won the contest. To be honest, I am having a hard time choosing. There are a lot of great entries, and I am pouring over a "final" list. While this means that it is taking slightly longer to make a final decision, I know that there will be some very happy people out there in the end, because I have decided to go with MULTIPLE winners. How? Well, I leave that until announcement day, which I promise, is just around the corner. Another week at the most.

So if everyone will be just a little more indulgant, I'd greatly appreciate it. f(^^;

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Manga Contest Final

Well, I must say, I am extremely pleased with the sheer number of participants and names that were sent in. Now comes the really hard part... picking the winner. There are definitely a few I am extremely partial to, and honestly, I'm not sure I can pick just one.

As my wife and I have plans this weekend, I won't be announcing the winner until Monday the 5th. And since I am an open-minded kinda guy, I'm going to allow anyone who wants to, to submit names during that time. Even those who have already submitted once, may submit again. Once I have chosen though, I won't change or extend. I'm open-minded, but not a fool. The last thing I want to do is to tick someone off. ;) I'm a man of my word.

That said, I wish you all a great weekend, and the best of luck on the contest!

All my best,
Made in DNA

Zipper Contest: A Word

I just thought I would let everyone know... as pleased with the entries I have received, the name you offer up does not have to be an acronym. Frankly, I was expecting more names like "Bob" or "Frank". (Thank Buddha you all have more imagination than that!) =) But there's no need to "force" a set of letters to work for the little "guy". =) Just go with what you enjoy the most (as some of you have). Though, admittedly, names with meanings (foreign words, dead/living language names, etc) are very cool. Though, I will play no favorites until it's time to make the final decision!