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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Zipper Contest (UPDATED)

Hello everyone, here (finally) are the rough sketches I promised. Two of Zipper herself, and two of her A.I. companion (yeah, the dragonfly).

Since I am currently unhappy with the name I have given the A.I., I have decided to hold a contest! Yes, it's the


The Rules: Name the A.I. dragonfly-robot in a COMMENT to THIS post. (Only one entry per person please.)

The Deadline: November 30th

The Prize: A FREE COPY of the first ZIPPER comic to be distributed upon release day (tentatively scheduled for Spring 2006).

World Background Info: (This information to all be reposted later in more detailed descriptions, but is posted here to help people with the contest.)
  • Set 700 years into the future, mankind has colonized Sol-space with a variety of colonies ranging from the size of continents to large mansions (family units).
  • The largest of these colonies houses billion of souls, among them, A.I.s, digihumans, cyborgs, and modified humans of all types. The largest colonies are self-supporting, with smaller colonies being semi- or fully- dependant.
  • The larger colonies are large, disc-like structures that have anti-gravity tech, orbit Sol-system planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, and have Earth-like atmospheres. For all intents and purposes, they look like Earth, housing a variety of envrions such as wooded areas, urban areas, farmland, etc.
  • Colonies in general are a mix of high and low technology, time periods ("classic" eras to ultramodern), and cultures.
  • Space travel is common, yet there is no "lightspeed" or "hyperdrive" tech
  • Non-human ("alien") contact has not been made, nor has there been proof of non-human intelligent life on Sol-based planets.
  • Most humans speak a variety of languages with no dominant language taking precedence.
  • Earth is still the cradle of mankind, however, it is not viewed as necessarily being "home". While governments of the colonies are cooperative, there is no central government. Laws are basically the same, but do vary. Smaller colonies often ally themselves with larger colonies or groups of other small colonies to avoid "pirate activity".
  • Research and exploration are large fields, open to anyone who is willing to take the risks.
  • Anti-gravity/hover tech is common, as is holographic and wireless among others.
  • Total human population currently in the Sol-system hovers between 20 and 30 billion.

A.I. Background Info: Since a couple of you have asked, I am going to provide a little background information on the dragonfly.
  • True-A.I. robot (passes old and new Turing tests).
  • Completely independent.
  • Can connect via his tail to a shunt to the back of Zipper's neck.
  • Can connect to cyberspace via wireless internal modem, and can connect Zipper as well, when he (I envision it is male, but it doesn't matter) is connected to her. Can connect to and operate most computer terminals.
  • Can speak and think for itself, can auto-translate nearly 200 languages/dialects.
  • Can recharge via Zipper's connector via a bio-converter in her colon. Zipper must have eaten with in several hours for this to be effective, or be in the process of eating.
  • Has limited programming skills.
  • While indeed unique, A.I. robots are slightly common for those who can afford them. This particular A.I. robot model is high-end and rare. A.I. robots can be housed in various shells.

So take a good look at the illustration below and give it some thought.

PS Please be sure to login when commenting as I am not able to track down anonymous commenters, or at the very least, leave a spiderbot-proof address using AT, DOT, etc. Thank you.


Blogger Rex_uk said...

How about Socius its latin for Companion

12:14 AM

Anonymous thrasher543 said...

how about Xerxes? I like how it sounds alongside Zipper. (pronounced zerk-sees)

6:42 AM

Blogger Chris said...

I think it should be Criosus (cree-OH-sus).

10:58 AM

Anonymous phraktalsnipe said...


traditionally an Irish Fairie -but it always makes me think of the movie Harvey about the giant invisble rabbit.. It would be a sort of Ironic name, given to an AI Dragonfly.. that could be used to infer all sorts of characteristics.. (charm, wisdom, subtelty, irony..)

4:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to come up with an acronym, Lightweight AI Companion, maybe? Maybe not.
I just like the subtleties of "Zipper and Lace".

5:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


zipper... fly...
get it?

if i win. give my copy to someone who cant afford it.

7:11 PM

Blogger EDgAr H. said...

How about Hotaru.X has in ほたる.X ! =D

5:56 AM

Anonymous Beldar said...


2:57 PM

Blogger Chad Allen said...

I think the anonymous person who came up with LACE is onto something. It's too bad they didn't leave their name... but I would add that the acronym might work better from a phonetic standpoint as l.a.i.c.e -- lightweight AI companion and explorer. Anyway, if you choose lace or laice, get that anonymous person to come back and claim their prize.

However... one probelm with that suggestion and some others is that they are more like product names for the device, as opposed to a proper name for Zipper's specific companion. Like naming your boat "boat."

Uhhh... Ok... I'm just rambling and I haven't even come up with a suggestion yet. Lemme think...

Nope. I got nothing. I'll just hang out here and nit-pick other people's ideas. I love people who do that on my blog.

2:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...



5:21 AM

Blogger Pythor said...

LACE was my idea, but I posted anonymous because I didn't have a blogspot ID at the time. That's fixed.
As to the idea that LACE seems more like a product or brand name, I agree to an extent. On the other hand, I was expecting the little dragonfly thing to be a prototype of sorts, like KITT was in the old Knight Rider series. So a product name that was also a personal name seemed to make sense.

11:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am partial to Huginn (thought) or Muninn (memory) which are the Ravens that were both companions and tools of Odin, but then I am a sucker for Norse mythology.

1:12 AM

Blogger seijikat said...

frostbite! or larva.


9:54 AM

Blogger kaolin fire said...


(babeltranslates as "The barrel it is thin" -- which is cute, given a dragonfly is a thin barrel with wings. And it looks like 'L33T'. So a multilingual pun of a name for a multilingual AI.) There's a word for that, but I forget it. Popular concept in early (golden-era?) scifi.

11:23 AM

Anonymous beldar said...

The name in spanish would be:
It's kinda exotic isn't it?

8:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking Mana or Raissea. Raissea meaning Wayward in Gaelic (Traveler). I always name any girls characters Mana in RPG's, and thought i would throw that in.


5:00 PM

Anonymous Elijah said...

Odonata is the scientific name for the Order "Dragonflies"

Also Libellulidae is the familly of skimmer dragonflies, which the sketch looks like. maybe some shortened version there, Libel, Lidea (pronounced like Lydia).

6:04 PM

Blogger shmatka said...

name it ziziboom.
this word has no meaning, but sounds cool.

3:03 AM

Blogger mental-escher said...

AiRIC: aerial reconnaissance insectoid companion, pronounced ("Air-ick")

11:31 AM

Anonymous rabid.child said...

How 'bout:

Ferguson mono

It was a cheap tape recorder they made way back when. So why not use it for your orthopter?

8:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

flidgets (^o^)

just because I like it

9:10 PM

Blogger Siuyee said...


4:03 PM

Blogger Made in DNA said...

Russian Cyberpunk Community Entries

5:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Hates_ (LJ)

How about "Seth Brundle" or just "Brundle"

Its the name of Jeff Goldblum's character in "The Fly"

Plot Outline: A brilliant but eccentric scientist begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong.

Tagline: Be afraid. Be very afraid

6:45 AM

Anonymous serizawa3000 said...

For some oddball reason I like... Ignatz.

10:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

His name is Aiken Harvard, and he's an ARC MkII, (Autonomous Remote Consciousness, Mark II). Unbeknownst to most, his name is a reference to the world first computer bug found in the Mark II Aiken Automatic relay Calculator in Harvard, even though he's not a Moth (the bug in said computer).

-Jock (podthulhu, jbuckmaster atsymbolthingy gmail.com)

11:12 AM

Anonymous Echo said...

Personally, it looks like 'Rumor' to me. Just the sort of fellow likely to dig up the most interesting tidbits from the net. As for whether they're true or not... well that's for Zipper to figure out, isn't it?

4:35 PM

Blogger Chad Allen said...

Per my previous rant on this topic, here is a list of names that are not acronyms. Some of them are just random names that popped into my head, others have some minor referential significance relative to the character in question. But they are, essentially, names you might give a pet. None of these may fit, but maybe they will trigger something that does.

In no particular order...


7:20 PM

Anonymous ZephyrWest said...

I think it should be "Zephyr". Not just because it's my screen name but because I think it just fits the charecter.

I don't want to post my email so just PM me at PSPMagazines if I win.

10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


dunno why. just what I thought when I saw the sketch


9:45 AM

Blogger Loff N Stoff said...

Because AI are common but this one is uncommon (prototype? concept? uber?) it needs a unique name, but still a model number. How about...

Perhaps nicknamed Æry (Aery)

Suprə-1 Firmware ver. 0.8 BETA

9:52 AM

Anonymous Allie said...

Been thinking for weeks and this is the one.

5:11 PM

Anonymous Flavored-tea said...

I'm gonna go with Buzz! BUZZ!!!!!

4:38 AM


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