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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Zipper Contest (UPDATED)

Hello everyone, here (finally) are the rough sketches I promised. Two of Zipper herself, and two of her A.I. companion (yeah, the dragonfly).

Since I am currently unhappy with the name I have given the A.I., I have decided to hold a contest! Yes, it's the


The Rules: Name the A.I. dragonfly-robot in a COMMENT to THIS post. (Only one entry per person please.)

The Deadline: November 30th

The Prize: A FREE COPY of the first ZIPPER comic to be distributed upon release day (tentatively scheduled for Spring 2006).

World Background Info: (This information to all be reposted later in more detailed descriptions, but is posted here to help people with the contest.)
  • Set 700 years into the future, mankind has colonized Sol-space with a variety of colonies ranging from the size of continents to large mansions (family units).
  • The largest of these colonies houses billion of souls, among them, A.I.s, digihumans, cyborgs, and modified humans of all types. The largest colonies are self-supporting, with smaller colonies being semi- or fully- dependant.
  • The larger colonies are large, disc-like structures that have anti-gravity tech, orbit Sol-system planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, and have Earth-like atmospheres. For all intents and purposes, they look like Earth, housing a variety of envrions such as wooded areas, urban areas, farmland, etc.
  • Colonies in general are a mix of high and low technology, time periods ("classic" eras to ultramodern), and cultures.
  • Space travel is common, yet there is no "lightspeed" or "hyperdrive" tech
  • Non-human ("alien") contact has not been made, nor has there been proof of non-human intelligent life on Sol-based planets.
  • Most humans speak a variety of languages with no dominant language taking precedence.
  • Earth is still the cradle of mankind, however, it is not viewed as necessarily being "home". While governments of the colonies are cooperative, there is no central government. Laws are basically the same, but do vary. Smaller colonies often ally themselves with larger colonies or groups of other small colonies to avoid "pirate activity".
  • Research and exploration are large fields, open to anyone who is willing to take the risks.
  • Anti-gravity/hover tech is common, as is holographic and wireless among others.
  • Total human population currently in the Sol-system hovers between 20 and 30 billion.

A.I. Background Info: Since a couple of you have asked, I am going to provide a little background information on the dragonfly.
  • True-A.I. robot (passes old and new Turing tests).
  • Completely independent.
  • Can connect via his tail to a shunt to the back of Zipper's neck.
  • Can connect to cyberspace via wireless internal modem, and can connect Zipper as well, when he (I envision it is male, but it doesn't matter) is connected to her. Can connect to and operate most computer terminals.
  • Can speak and think for itself, can auto-translate nearly 200 languages/dialects.
  • Can recharge via Zipper's connector via a bio-converter in her colon. Zipper must have eaten with in several hours for this to be effective, or be in the process of eating.
  • Has limited programming skills.
  • While indeed unique, A.I. robots are slightly common for those who can afford them. This particular A.I. robot model is high-end and rare. A.I. robots can be housed in various shells.

So take a good look at the illustration below and give it some thought.

PS Please be sure to login when commenting as I am not able to track down anonymous commenters, or at the very least, leave a spiderbot-proof address using AT, DOT, etc. Thank you.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Zipper Frappr! Map

Okay, it's pretty obvious I have been messing around with the blog over the last few weeks, trying to tweak it here and there, trying to bring in more readers via different venues. Too bad I'm not always successful. The webring graphic is a bitch. Gonna have to mail someone on that. Pretty bogus to have this huge ass, lame banner going.

Until then, you folks can have some fun with the new FRAPPR! map I created. Show your support and check out who else is reading.


Zipper Frappr! Map

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Free PSP Image Sequencing Software (from Dayender site)

[republished with permission]

More on image sequencing and solving possible problems. Again, many thanks go out to the Allen brothers, who have spent a lot of time researching this via VERY RELIABLE sources.

We've written a couple of posts (here and here) about the problems associated with properly ordering images for comics and other sequential image-based content on the PSP. A brief summary of these problems can be found below, but the upshot is that I decided to stop complaining and write some software to help solve the problem. Behold: PSPImageSequencer. If you are one of the three people on the planet creating comics for the PSP, this might just save you a lot of time and frustration (it saved us some of both on Issue 3 of NYC2123). I'm not really a programmer by trade, but this is very simple stuff. It's open source (GPL) and all that, but since it's written in VB.NET I guess most hackers will think I'm lame. Sorry. Click to read full post.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Limited Edition PSP Zipper Decals

I have just worked a deal with one of the PSP decal companies to create a limited-edition Zipper PSP decal which will be given away with the first few purchases of the manga on launch day!

More information just before launch.

More Concept Sketches

Jei has been hard at work (now that his computer is up and running again -- poor dude, it was down for three weeks!) and has produced more concept sketches of Zipper.

Have a peek.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


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