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Monday, October 03, 2005

Welcome to the Zipper PSP Manga Blog

Welcome! My name is Made in DNA. I am the writer/creator of the ZIPPER manga for the PlayStation Portable.

The manga has not yet been published. I am currently working on the script, and the artist, a talented Indonesian gentleman, is currently working on character sketches.

This is a working blog; it's function currently is to not only promote the manga for its eventual publication, but to create and embellish the manga via posts about the world of ZIPPER in general, giving the reader a larger overview of the manga itself which is not always possible to do in the limited* comic form.

While I don't want to seem copycat-ish, it seems that more and more comics are being promoted via blogs these days (Brian Wood's DMZ and Chad & Paco Allen's NYC2123: DAYENDER being perfect examples). I believe it's because the more independent and outspoken artists, want to connect directly with their audiences, sharing in not only the world of their comic, but of the world in general. Storytelling is not a isolated medium wherein the storyteller plucks totally new ideas out of his or her own brain, but rather old ideas that have been mangled and perverted so that they represent something exciting and interesting to the audience.

It is my hope that you will enjoy ZIPPER. While posts might not be extremely frequent, feel free to come back often, as I hope to have some goodies up here eventually. And to comment or critique. Yes, critiquing is allowed. However criticizing is not. Critiques will be considered and possibly replied to. Criticizing comments will simply be deleted without comment.

Until later.

-- Made in DNA

* - limited, compared to traditional prose ficition, of which I am also an author of.


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