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Monday, October 03, 2005

Mature Content/Subject Matter

ZIPPER is set in an adult world. That is to say that it contains mature content and subject matter. While it will not be "pornographic" in nature, it does contain content that is best suited for an audience that can absorb and understand the work.

I realize this may cut the number of potential sales, but ZIPPER is not about sales, it is about storytelling. I grew up on great pulp graphic magazine HEAVY METAL, and have always felt that it held mature content in the highest regard. There may have been times it was overt, shocking, or even outrageous, but never was it "raunchy". (At least in my opinion.) Therefore, while there will be no adult content in this blog, I am proud to say that in the tradition of great magazines like HM, ZIPPER will not pull punches. However, nor will it be over the top in regards to sexual content. Whatever nudity, language, or adult situations there may be, they are the product of reality in the world of the manga itself.

-- Made in DNA


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