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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Image Sequencing and Archived Files for the PSP

While the ZIPPER project is not yet ready for archiving, I felt it was important to relate these two articles for future reference.

Chad and Paco Allen pioneered the PSP graphic novel and have therefore are learning tons about not only the genre, but about the media, and the media player itself through a trial-by-fire affair. Therefore they definitely should be applauded and recognized for their unending efforts to bring readers the best reading experience possible.

With their permission, I reprint a portion of their image sequencing and archiving experiences. Thanks Chad and Paco!

Issues with Image Sequencing on the PSP -- "We've had a couple people (two exactly -- one on issue #1 and #2 each) email us about issues they've experienced with the images not appearing in the correct sequence when they are copied over to their PSP. I've had this same issue with a couple PSP formatted magazines myself. I can't find any official documentation on how the PSP sequences images, but it has been the leading theory that it is based on the date the files are created/last modified (and that's exactly how we publish the images: saving them out one-at-a-time in the sequence they are intended to be viewed)." Click to read full post.


More on PSP Image Sequencing -- "Here are some things we've learned recently by talking to folks at Sony (thanks, guys!) and through a fair bit of experimentation. This is probably only of interest to you if you are creating re-mixed or translated versions of NYC2123, or if you are creating your own sequence-based content for the PSP." Click to read full post.


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