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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Character Concept Model: Zipper

I'm a big fan of Miwako Ichikawa. Have been since I first saw her in ANOTHER HEAVEN. As a former fashion model, she's lithe and tall and sexy as all hell. I wouldn't call her 'beautiful' per se, but she is definitely attractive.

When I started the rough draft of ZIPPER flashes of an Ichikawa-like Zipper filled my head, so I thought perhaps a design based on her would be perfect. (Strange really; I haven't seen ANOTHER HEAVEN in probably a year or so.) I don't want Zipper to look like Ms. Ichikawa, but I would like to see them sharing a few characteristics, like those incredibly gorgeous full lips, long legs, and tall, lithe body.

I'm sure we'll be able to share a few sketch concepts within the next few weeks when Jei el has the time to work on her. Until then, a few screen shots from ANOTHER HEAVEN.

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