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Sunday, October 16, 2005

75 Pages

ZIPPER surpassed 75 pages today and is steadily working its way toward a 100. Would be nice if it made it that far. Who knows. More than likely it will surpass even that. I don't have a set number of pages that I'd like to do. That's the beauty of working with the PSP, I don't have any page limitations to worry about. I can simply go with what works. I could make a manga/comic as big or as little as I wanted to.

Also, last week I received initial rough character sketches of Zipper and her sidekick, A.I. companion Zepplin. I'm extrememly pleased with the initial ideas. I am going to write up critiques for them later today to send off to Ja'il for minor changes I'd like to see. Overall though, his style is perfect for this project. I'm extremely happy to be working with him.


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